Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused, calls for declaration in relation to 2nd count on October 16, 2012.

Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused, calls for declaration in relation to 2nd count at Kecskemét Tribunal on the day of 16th of October 2012.


Statement from the chairman to Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused:

What has been said in my interrogation testimony, I would maintain.  Thus in all cases I maintain my statement from the interrogation. Also in relation to the derogation, I'd like to sustain my trial testimony. So to sustain what is being said, I do not wish to make a further statement. The President of the Council, in connection with the refusal of testifying his reasons given on the previous trial day, informs Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused, that the court is not bound by the prosecutor's motion with regards to the classification of the 2nd factual point, but the indictment must be based on facts, and shall prevail. The threat is on the grounds of refusal punishability. During the period of the accusation as well as according to paragraph Criminal Code  255/A. § (2) in force until December 2011, the active briber is not punishable of the act before the authority became aware of it, the authority announces and reveals the circumstances of the offense.


Statement to the chairman from Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused:

I still maintain my testimony made at the hearing.


The defense counsel of Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused:

My client, in connection with 2nd count, does not wish to declare.


Observation from the defense counsel of Miklós Hagyó, 1st accused:

I would like to add in connection with the 2nd factual context and 4th accused, his statements made ​​in connection with this role, he is not only active but also a passive briber. The President of the Council said that takes the view that according to the 2nd point in the indictment facts Zsolt Balogh, 4th accused, cannot constitute as a passive briber.