„Liberty of the press” in Hungary, so MTI's prejudicial with the Hagyó-case

„Liberty of the press” in Hungary, so MTI's prejudicial with the Hagyó-case-

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The BKV-investigation, what famoused in the name Hagyó-case has been running since summer of 2012. Miklós Hagyó and his partners have brought to justice becaouse of the apropos of the malfeasance against the transportation company. Many press publicate their reports about the presently ongoing trials, but in this case the Media often get the news from the Magyar Távirati iroda (MTI) (in english:Hungarian Telegraphic Office). However, who is following the MTI's informations about the BKV-case, is miss the most important events of the trial. Namely it is drop out from the MTI's commentaries, that the most accused were threatened during the investigations, they stated againdt their partners in the press of the police, whereon they do not keep their previous incriminatory statements. Through, the MTI also not reported about Zsolt Balogh former trusted managing director of the BKV also took back his prior statement, what used to be the root of the BKV-suit.


The question of the press freedom in Hungary, international critiques

In the spring of 2010, when the Fidesz-government came into power with a two-thirds plurality, immediately started their provisions to acquire the contol above the media. The prejudice of the MTI (in connection with the Hagyó-case) is not a recent thing. Therein, that the two-third became a two-third, the stupefyngly effective campaign what is raving since 2009 autumn.against Hagyó, played a serious role. , 15.10.2012] The Fidesz -government[source: The Hagyó-case reloaded- the secrets of the interrogator rooms"-168 óra online rewrote the media law, in pursuance of this, they created a carte blanched Media-council, wherein there is no member, who we can assume that,  sympathize with the independent media. The president of the corporation was appointed by the primeminister, and the members were elected by the Fidesz-dominated  parliament’s two-thirds plurality.- all of them for nine years duration. If, another party come into power due to the elections in 2014, the new government will have to wield  with the media council what is solely consist Fidesz-trusters. The Media Council practice a large comtrol over the media sector. Its authority is spread out to the electronic, the printed, the state-owned and privately-owned, and what is more, also to the online media. They check the distributions of all the frequencies, and observe the contacts all  in the media territory, and has warrant to lay on huge fines if there is offence.  He specify, that the news media have to transmit the government controled MTI sydnicate’s  news, what is gingerly report about the critiques what are befall the government, The Media Counsil regulate the media contents with unclear norms. Factualy, every press organ have to certify a comprehensive political „balance” in its news service. And the „balance” is determinated by a Media Council, which is politicaly not balanced.. [source: Kim Lane Scheppele: "Hungary’s Free Media" – The New York Times, 2012. 03. 14.]

Since the provision the new hungarian media-law is constantly  befalling  by  well-founded large critiques from external and internal enviroments. The leader press, diplomats and political orgabizations drafted angluraly  opinions about the status of hungarian democracy and about the „freedom” of the hungarian media.

On the 5 of may in 2010, Thomas O.Melia, the deputy assistant secretary of state in her interview what she gave for the hungarian ATV named the media stuation as solicitous and (She rated back Hungary from the Freedom House’s „free” category to the „limited free” and the situation of the justice.  The Fidesz’s attitude is typified that, Tamás Deutch the EP-representative of the fidesz party wrote in his offical Twitter-page from the deputy assistant secretary of the USA, that „Who is this fucking Thomas O.Melia?”, after to journalist questions,  he named his outlet as „funny”[source: „Szabad szemmel” – ATV, 2012. 05. 06.]

Meanwhile, Viktor Orbán prime minister gave an interview to the Washington Post. The questioner called „worrisome” that only Orbán’ opinion appears in the media, together with Annamária Szalai Fidesz-member and the head of the Media Counsil who is also his friend. The prime minister re-questioned: „What is the problem with that?”[source „An interviewwith Viktor Orban, primeminister of Hungary” – Washington Post, 2012. 04. 06.]

The regulation of the newscast is well-exemplyfy the out-retouch shocking in 2011, what was exploded by that, the newsreel of the MTV and the Duna Tv uncovered Zoltán Lomnici the president of the Council of Human Dignity from one report. In the line with this, after afew employee of the public service tv announced that, their leaders always forced them, they told to the reporters, what they have to write, who must they voice, what kind of words they have to use, what is the central message of the report. [source: „Híradós voltam - kényszerítettek” – NolTV, 2011 12. 09.] The journalists from the public service media becaouse the news manipulation, they started a hunger-strike infront of the MTV hallm, what is still taking up to this day. They think that, in the retouch scandal they not punished the real responsibles, the leaders who ordered the uncover.[source: „Az elmúlt év egyik legdurvább jogsértése” – Népszabadság Online, 2011. 12. 13.] Balázs Nagy Navarro, the

  1. Nagy Navarro Balázs, the vice-president of the  Independent Craft Union of Television and Movie makers announced that, they will not go away and give up the hunger-strike, till news director of the MTVA, the leader of the MTI news centrum and his two deputies not leave their positions. As well as, they expect that, the directorate ask for forgiveness from the affected people and from the public opininion too, for that they have never reported about the case, the people can get informations only from their announcement what tey gave for the MTI.[Source: „Azonnali hatállyal kirúgták Élő Gábort” – Index, 2011. 12. 15.]



           The „forgotten” detalis of the BKV-trial

Altough, the MTI’s mean exercise as a state newscast sholud be to tend the press with fresh news, in line with the BKV-trial there lost important informations. However, the MTI reported about the happens of the trials in so many words, it is typify to all of their reports, that the underline always in the prior –in so many case absolutly unsaid- confession’s detalis. They were drafted unclearly and shortly in many places: „he do not keep his prior stements” or „he did not traverse nor verified”. The newscast in many cases only refered to that, these statements were unsaid by the accuseds. In many cases the titles also not throw back the events of the trials. Many times they only –in many case unsaid- refer to the contents of the incestigation statements.







Miklós Hagyó's court testimony


On the first day of the trial of Kecskemét, Miklós hagyó denied all the statement points of the libel, what refered to him. As the MTI also reported, he underlined that he has never established a criminal organization and he exposed in so many words his testimony in the libel what is refered to his defendant fellows. As well as he also underlined that, he never ordered the accuseds who are in the indictment, he had not had any bussiness relationship with them. From many of the statements of the indictment Hagyó told that: these are absolutly unrealistic and incomprehensible. Above that, the MTI wrote in so many words in three section,  the former deputy lord mayor is accused with. [source: „Hagyó-per - Minden vádpontot tagadott a volt szocialista politikus” – MTI, 2012.09.11.]

However, the MTI has not reported about the other important events, or rather the details of the testimony what were also sound on the day of the trial. MTI has not reported about that Hagyó's lawyer indicated at the begining of the trial that the indictment at the case delivery detained some documents, and Ibolya Hadnagy delivered the schedule of the case to the representators of the counsil. The MTI had not paned out about that, but Hagyó several times shrewdly nibbled at the council's work. The politician broght up his harms what he suffered during the arrestimg, what the authority, as it revealed later, build upon to a case suspicion wherein finally they not found Hagyó gulity. The state of affairs of the indictment the council has not named those kiths who reportedly got incomes through  any of the contract. Hagyó torted that they had not coated expertors, and he voiced his incomprehension opposite to that statment of the indictment, that „the BKV is a company, which is in a monopole situation in the section of the public transport of Budapest. Among other things, he brought up the MÁV and the individual transport as a counterexample.  [source: Miklós Hagyó's court tetimony– hagyomiklos.com]

On the second day of Miklós Hagyó's testimony the MTI reported that, Hagyó denied the charge, that he received 15million forint in the Nokia-box, and he underlined that he  neither Zsolt Balogh IV. accused, nor anyone he ordered to gave him 15 million forint. From the day of the Hévíz trip, when he supposedly confirmed the money delivery, however he told that, he will take a testimony about the details of that, after the IV. accused trial.. [source: Hagyó-case – The former socialistic politician denied that he received money in the nokia-box – MTI, 2012.09.13.]

Opposite to this, at the trial Hagyó told that, his every trip-partner can certify that Balogh was not in the lake, what is more, Hagyó was only sitting in the bank. In connection with the Nokia-box story, Hagyó brought up that Balogh were stated difference things at all times and he declared about the source of the money and about the place and the mode of the deliverance.- He underlined what the MTI not- that Zsolt Balogh statement without his own, investigation testimony what is in contradiction with himself, on the score of the more than hundredthousand page investigation document there is no proof is back that. [source: Miklós Hagyó's court tetimony– hagyomiklos.com]








2.Ernő Mesterházy's court testimony


Ernő Mesterázy, former advisor of Gábor Demszky, according to MTI's mind drafted like this: „ during the counsel proceeding they pictured with him that, he can count with preferences, if he take an incriminatory testimony, against Gábor Demszky and Miklós Hagyó.”  [source: „Hagyó-per- Mesterházy Ernő törvénysértőnek tartja az ellene folyó eljárást” – MTI, 2012.09.20.]

They have not reported that Mesterházy told that at the trial, according to the minute-book were taking about 11 hours, and the result was only two pages, the investigation-authority brought him low and they tried to got him to take an incriminatory testimony against Miklós Hagyó, and if he do that, they will let out him from the arrest.  [source: Ernő Mesterházy's court testimony– hagyomiklos.com].  The MTI prefered to inform people about Mesterházy's  speech defect and about his high blood pressure.













  1. Attila Antal's court testimony



The MTI transmited about Attila Antal's trial, that the former managing director got such feedbacks, that he only get out if he cooperate, and that is why he made statements wherein some parts are not true, together with that he not maintain his prior statement.

 [source:”Hagyó-case – Attila Antal took his responsibility only in one contract case” – MTI, 2012.09.25.]

However the news-agency has not mentioned the part of the testimony, wherein Antal told about that, how they threatened him during the trial, if he do not take an incriminatory testimony, „they will incriminate him with other contracts in every week”, and the investigators „checked his testimony with the counsel in every paragraph”[source: Attila Antal's court testimony– hagyomiklos.com]  From the second day of Attila Antal's testimony, the MTI reported that, Katalin Kutron the group leader counsel of  the Central Investigation Office suggested to reading Attila Antal's  III. accused testimony what he took in investigating period, partly unsaid in the court, respectively changed.According to the read minutes-book, Attila Antal stated at the second pre-trial: he had consultated with his defender, and he would like to take a honest, reveal testimony.  [source: „Hagyó-case – Attila Antal stated before, that they ordered him to made contracts – MTI, 2012.09.27.] Opposite to the title of MTI „Attila Antal stated before, that they ordered him to made contrasts” Antal's testimony still not verified his former statement, it is on the contrary. How he again refered to, he took incriminatory and  untrue testimony against Ernő Mesterházy, becaous the police put him under thretaning pressure, and he did it, becouse they expected that from him. [source:Attila Antal's court testimony  – hagyomiklos.com]











  1. Zsolt Balogh's court testimony


After Antal's testiomny the MTI started to report less and less substantive information.

The MTI also kept in quiet that, in the aspect of the case, one of the biggest news, Zsolt Balogh's renounced his testimony . The news-agency has not informed its readers from that, the former trusted managing director renounced all his testimony what are the basics of the BKV-case.  [source: Zsolt Balogh's court testimony– hagyomiklos.com]  The MTI reported abou Balogh: „didn’t traverse, but he didn’t confirm his investigation testimony”  [source: „Hagyó-case -  Zsolt Balogh deny his guilt, and the counsel  accuse him” – MTI, 2012.10.09.], as well as, they has not reported in connection with him, that he made his prior testimony under pressure. Balogh told in his testimony that, he thinks that it is mark out from the minutes-book, that without questions and discursively is how he took incriminatory testimony against others, and he only  declared to the press, to not arrest him.On the second day of Balogh's court testimony the reading of the investigation testemony countinued, what from the MTI reported the the accused was questioned ten times during the investigation and according to the red minutes-book, he traversed his prior testimony every time.  [source: „Hagyó-case-  Countinued the reading of Balogh's investigation testimony” – MTI 2012.10.10.]

At the end of the news, only one section is about that Balogh renounced his previous testimony at the trial, but this, how they wrote it was not refered to the count of the deliverance of the twice 15 million forint .

The report predominantly is specify Balogh's testimony what he took at the pre-trial period, instead of that it mention that previously he took an incriminatory testimony against Hagyó and the others under pressure, and becaouse of the fear from the prison.  [Source –Zsolt Balogh's court testimony hagyomiklos.com]


In October Miklós Hagyó responded to Balogh's testimony in so many words. [source: Miklós Hagyó's detailed reflection to Zsolt Balogh's testimony – hagyomiklos.com]

However the MTI reported in so many words that, Hagyó denied all the statements of Zsolt Balogh what are refer to him, [source: „Hagyó-case – Miklós Hagyó denied the IV. accesed's incriminatory testimonies” – MTI, 2012.10.25],  but they has not reported that Hagyó shrewdly set about the counsel, becaouse they had not delivered to the defender some documents which are concern the indictment. Becaouse of this, the judge warned the indictment to speedily deliver them. In addition Hagyó asked from the court, that why he can not find in the documents the testimony of the two representator of the firm who are the sources of the supposed slush-fund what was mentioned by Balogh. It turned out, that he can not find becaouse these are not exist: the authorithies has not auditioned them. From the MTI's report it is also nor turned out that momentum, when at the end of the trial Hagyó roted out from his bag different souvenirs with the logo of the BKK what is the certenly property management, just to prove that the transport company is spend money for the marketing up to this day. Ha reminded, that the counsel in the indictment named  needless to spend forint  for the popularization of the public transport, and for the programs of the children's day. [source: „Hagyó psyched out, they put him in his place” – Népszava online, 2012.10.25]



Lelovics Ottó's court testimony


The MTI got out similarly partial informations  about Ottó Lelovics's Hagyó's former press corespondent trial. [source: „Hagyó-case – The V. accused has not admited the comittal of the crime” – MTI, 2012.10.30] The news-agency also not reported in that case, about the details of the testimony of the accused, when he were talking about the not ordinary conditions of the suspection.[source: „ BKV-case: "Bring a lot of duds, he will be inside for a long time!"” – Népszava online, 2012.10.30]  It was not in the news, that altough Lolovics cooperated in everything, after all  the police announced with him, that he will be in the pre-trial for a long time, after months inspite of his coperation, they fetteres him, and they leashed and they were stending with him in the street for an hour.


















  1. Miklós R's court testimony


Miklós R. VIII. accused, the former deputy managing director of BKV, according to MTI's report he told that the police who made the pre-trial were complained about the non-professional of the proceeding and these were happened by the leading of the authorities. [source: „Hagyó-case – The VIII. accused thinks that the prosecution has political intentions” – MTI, 2012.11.06]

However, above the MTI's report, Miklós R. also told that the „not befit to the picture” documents were kept back bí the authorities, and also in his case they faxed his testimony in parts to the counsil, and they ask him to take an incriminal testimony against Ferenc Gyurcsány former socialistic prime minister. In addition, the MTI has not riported that he renounced his prior testimony together with his partners. [source: There is more and more proof what is traverse the indictment ” – Népszava online, 2012.11.06.] On the second day of his testimony, the MTI detailed the pre-trial testimony. [source: „ Hagyó-case -VIII. accused:   had  to graved the requests of the politicians from the MSZP and the SZDSZ at the BKV” – MTI, 2012.11.08.] But they has not mentioned that, Miklós R.paned out about they had saved ten billion for the BKV in a year's time, what the counsel recognized in the indictment [source: „I f I speak well, I can go home tonight"” – Népszava online, 2012.11.09]


The MTI reported about, that the courthouse rejected the proposed the partly unlock of Ottó Lelovics's and Mrs. Eleonóra Szilágyi Szalai's wealth. [ source: „Hagyó-case – They proposed the demand of BKV's cicil rights” – MTI, 2012.11.15.] The most embarasing slip up of the court were mentioned, that one of the accused's car were locked by the counsil, that it had been stollen much before. However they has not reported about that, it revealed in many case in the court: the authorties has not hearing important witnesses, they kept back documents from the defense, and they weighted the previous statements at the composition of the indictment.








  1. László M's court testimony


On the day of László M's testimony, the MTI thought it was important, that the accused has not remembered corerctly to the details of the events what happened five years before. [source: „Hagyó – case -  The XII. accused also not awoved himself guilty” – MTI, 2012.12.11] However, he has not announced that the layer responded first time in the trial to the observations which  traverse the indictment works, which is about that, the suspections were selected by political ways. The prosecutor thinks that is false, they suspected from whom voiced incriminatory testimony during the investigation. This answer -taking notice of the supposed slush-fund's „sources” has not questioned- it made a huge outcry at the accuseds and its defenders. [ source: „ The santa was the main point in the BKV-case"– Népszava online, 2012.12.11]


  1. The trail last day before the winter holiday


On the trial's last day before the winter holiday the MTI wrote in its article, that the counsel tried to purport that the summary study what Zsuzsa M. made for the „anti- cut” campaign is made with plagiarism. [„Hagyó-case -  The XIII. accused also not awoved herself guilty” – MTI, 2012.12.13.]

But, they are not writing about that in the end of the trial day Ibolya Hadnagy judge -rejecting the counsil's request- accepted the accused's proposition, that to accept  as a professional opinion what Attila Antal attached, the expert opinion what an expert witness made about the BKV's communication. In this way,  they sound experts in connection with the communication charges. Remind, that the counsil made professional communication observations in the indictment, that these were not supported by experts.[source: „The Hagyó-case ended: the indictment will not go far in this year” – Népszava online, 2012.12.13]









  1. Éva H.'s court testimony




Éva. H, Hagyó's press rapporteur took the most unsettling testimony of the trial. How the MTI also reported, she underlined: she is not guilty in any point of the count.

 The news-agency has reported about her testimony what she took in the investigation period, about its conditions, and why she renounced that. The MTI quoted the events what had happened according to Éva H.'s statement: She thinks that they arrested her with a preorganized media publicity and when they let her out, the polices who lead the investigation told to her that, if she would have took an incriminatory testimony against Hagyó, she had not been thither. When they transported her to the prison, the police told her, that she should think about her child, becaouse it can happen that he or she get to a state-attendance, becaouse of her long absence. They have not questioned her for nearly three months, after when 90 day of the pre-arresting came into the due date, they again asked her to cooperate and they said that, to take a testimony and after she can go home to her family, so finally she cooperated. When she told in her next pre-trial that she can not state against Hagyó, they asked an incriminatory testimony against László Puch the prominent of the MSZP, and its happened many times that the pre-trial countinued after when her lawyer went away. The MTI reported , that Éva H. has not renounced her testimony becaouse, altough she asked the prosecutors many times, they did not striked the investigation bargain with her. [source: „Hagyó-cas – The VI. accused also not awoved herself guilty” – MTI, 2013.01.17]  However, her indignity has not ended with the MTI report. Beyond the there announced, there came to light such shocking things, like during her arresting becaouse of her religion, they poured rubbish into the midle of her slot, mixed with her personal things, and they put her to shame  with the call „clean up jew”. What is more, they told to her that if the rabbi still come over her, they can not save her from „bump herself”.

Above that, the prison doctors tried to took drugs with Rivotril, behind her back. According to her story, it also happened that it was 54 C in the four-personed, 6m2 cell and they locked the only recess where the air can come in. They took her to the pre-trials in fetters just like the murders, and with this they caused serious damages, what they had not  treated. When she brought it on, to the prisoner, he answered, shut up, or he treat as she attacked him, and he can shoot at her lawfully. [source: „BKV-case: „Clean up, jew!”” – Népszava online, 2013.01.17.]



A lot of international critique dumped on the cerantly government's work. These observations often about the 2010's two-third Fidesz-win, and the government-change what arrived  when  Viktor Orbán came into power, and the changes what are concerning the justice, and the new media-law.  Between the criticals, such a noted newspapers voiced their fears, like the New York Times, the Washington Post and such a high-placed diplomatist, like the  deputy assistant secretary of USA. The new media law's one of the most substandard element is that, Media Counsel is consisting  Fidesz-trusters -in the head with Annamária Szalai- supervise the whole media sector: They check the distributions of all the frequencies, and observe the contacts all  in the media territory, and has warrant to lay on huge fines if there is offence. He specify, that the news media have to transmit the government controled MTI news agency's news. The governmental news agency – support with the retouch shocking- only sometimes report about the critiques what are befall the government. Thank for this political bias the report of the MTI -so the other press organ what get the news from them, are also- incompletes, or aggravate with the BKV-case too.

The MTI's smoke-screan and aggrandizement is depend on, or rather move the tone in its news, that actually what can put the Orbán-government to a better light. Becaouse of this idea could happened that, the MTI kept in quiet very important details which are in connection with the Hagyó-case. Altough, they many times report about the trials in so many words, the contraction, the drim drafting is also typify the news agency, and  that they are specify in many case, renounced testimonies. And only allude or absolutly not announce the moments of the new court testimony which are absolutly diferent from the previous ones.

The MTI consistently has not announced that Miklós Hagyó and his accused partners had criticized the counsel's work, becaouse they made indictment without experts, as well as, they complained many times that te indictment kept back some documents during the fájl delivery.

The news-agency construed in many case the previous, police testimonies and only panes out about on the margain to  that important fact, that the accuseds almonst in every time absolutly renounced or modified that incriminatory testimonies. However, the MTI has not detailed the conditions of the police testimonies, while the accuseds all stated at the court about that, the investigators who made the pre-trial were threatened, ramped them, and for their freedom they ordered them to take an incriminatory testemony, in many case also against Ferenc Gyurcsány. The MTI also drafted unclearly Zsolt Balogh's court testimony, what is very important news in the aspect of the suit. Namely, Balogh absolutly renounced his police testiomy, what is about the Nokia-box the basic of the BKV-suit. Thus, the MTI (Hungarian news agency) kept in silence important detalis about the Hagyó-case, serving with this the interest of the   Fidesz-government, what is in power. However, that self-consciousness made the media costumer also self-consciousness, sith, these „full-grown” informations are necessary to the people to objectively adjudgethe BKV-suit, the case of Miklós Hagyó and his accused paertners case.



Emma Homolya



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