Procuration II.V Miklós Hagyó Miklós Hagyó - II.V - before The Metropolitan Court 19.P.25425/2010. numbered case pending - provide representation - Countersigned by: dr. Viktor Géza Szűcs - 2010. Aug. 12. 06/08/2010.





Undersigned Miklós Hagyó (mother’s name:                                         address:                                   )

inhabitant hereby



I authorize



                                              (mother’s name:                                         address:                                   )

inhabitant, as a legal representative



to act on my behalf before the Metropolitan Court of Justice during the ongoing procedure No.: 19.P.25425/2010.

Budapest, the 6th of August 2010. 


      Miklós Hagyó                                                                                                                    Trustee





Countersignature date: Budapest, the 6th of August 2010.