Request Venyige St. Penal Enforcement Institution Csaba Boglyasovszky PE. Brigadier-General, Principal Administrator Commander of Institution II.V. Visitation request in Wirtass Ltd. matters - authorization attached received by the public prosecutor

Venyige Street Penal-enforcement Institution

To Csaba Boglyasovszky, PE. Brigadier-General, Principal Administrator, Commander of Institution

1108 Budapest, Venyige St. 1/3.


Subject: request in the matter of extraordinary visitation

Reference: ET 7137


Honourable Commander,


Undersigned,                            (mother’s name:                                            address:                                      )

hereby I submit the following



I present, that I am Miklós Hagyó's (mother's name:    ) common-law wife, which circumstance to the present application attached notarial registered document also confirms. 

Given that our relationship with the aforementioned companion of mine in all living conditions the mutual confidence is grounded, for an indefinite period, - prosecutor's office has already registered as received - I have received authorization to exercise all ownership rights of Miklós Hagyó, which affecting WIRTASS Ltd.  However, I would also like to record, that the actual mutual confidence alone is not sufficient to provide adequate, objective and rational basis for decision making. 


Miklós Hagyó, is the founding member of the business association, which was founded on the 5th of May 1999. Company registration number: Cg.01-09-680564, and registered at the Metropolitan Court as Court of Registry. The foundation of the company in question goes back to a rather long period and the majority of cases occurred before our consensual union relationship. The administration of Wirtass Ltd. - both general and extraordinary - or the membership meeting, or after obtaining the opinion of the members (in practice, quasi- obtaining the consent or approval) the management entitled to decide. 

Thereby to maintain the company's formed and usual operation, Miklós Hagyó to exercise and perform properly his member rights and responsibilities is prove to be essential.

Since as mentioned above, in Wirtass Ltd. the rights of Miklós Hagyó, and to fulfill his obligations, I obtained the rights with the authorization dated on the 6th of August 2010, in fact I undertook the duties and responsibilities due to diligence.


Given that in matters with antecedents as well as Miklós Hagyó's member objectives, expectations and interests of the occasional definition, outlining the decisions prior to adoption cannot be ignored (more precisely, by ignoring them, poses impermissible risks), I ask the Honourable Commander, in order to ensure my careful and prepared procedure, to allow the extraordinary visitation 

  • monthly 2 (two) times with Miklós Hagyó, beforehand arrested person;
  • arise in an ad hoc basis, urgent, at pre-announced times in accordance with the house rules of the penal-enforcement institution.


In my view, a monthly 2 times - in general terms - approved extraordinary visitation adequately proves to be sufficient, that the issues arising from the normal procuration to be clarified, available to be commented and be decidable in advance.

The scope of the arising case by case issues, typically the convened supreme body's agendas, and with the not pre-planned events can be connected.


Taking into account the reasons together and for each part separately, I ask the Honourable Commander, that the member rights of Miklós Hagyó, participation in the operation of the company specifically named right, and to ensure the well founded recourse of the authorized person, permit me the 2 times per month - in general terms, if necessary in pre-announced dates - the extraordinary visitation. Furthermore allow to possibility that when the circumstances justifies, on matters concerning the functioning of the company, and require unconditional decision, also in a pre-announced dates, for me to appear on extraordinary visits in order to discuss the incurred matters.


I request that for consultation to be held on the occasion of the general affairs, please, on the 26th of August 2010 ensure the extraordinary visitation.


In hope of a positive decision of my request,


Budapest, 17th of August 2010.






Undersigned Miklós Hagyó,  (ET 7137; mother's name:                 ) hereby I declare and confirm that I agree with the above request and I myself ask to make an affirmative decision:



Budapest, 17th of August 2010.                                                                


                                                                                                             Miklós Hagyó




  • copy of authorization received by the prosecutor's office








Dr. Judit Bókai notary's office

Dr. Péter Vető Péter Deputy notary

1027 Budapest, Kapás St. 31. V. /43.

Tel.: 201-5083, 212-4265, fax: 212-4275


Authentication Case Number: 11015/H/5024/2010.




Dr. Péter Vető, notary deputy                            , as upon request I attesting, that the registration of common-law marriage declarations on the 17th (seventeenth) of August 2010. (two thousand and ten) includes the following record (s):


1.  Registration number: 356

Entry time: 02/12/2010


Events outside the polling period:

1/1. Event Type: establishment of domestic partnership

Date of Event: 02/12/2010

A common family name for unborn child: HAGYÓ

1. the person's family name and first name (s): II. V.

1. the person's birth and first name (s): II. V.

1. the person's surname and first name (s): II.V.

1. place and date of birth of the person:

1. the person's mother's surname and first name (s):

1. nationality (s) of the person: Hungarian

2. the person's family name and first name (s): MIKLÓS HAGYÓ

2. the person's birth and first name (s): MIKLÓS HAGYÓ

2. place and date of birth of the person:

2. the person's mother's surname and first name (s):

2. nationality (s) of the person: Hungarian


Dated: Budapest, the 17th (seventeenth) of August 2010. (two thousand and ten)


Deputy notary








Undersigned Miklós Hagyó (mother’s name:                                         address:                                   )

inhabitant hereby


I authorize



                                              (mother’s name:                                         address:                                   )




that in WIRTASS Trade and Service Limited Liability Company (seat: 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty Street, 57. IV. 36/A) to exercise the ownership rights related to my existing 24.71% business share, and to represent me with full powers at the membership meetings of the company.


Budapest, the 6th of August 2010. 


       Miklós Hagyó                                                                                                                    Trustee





Countersignature date: Budapest, the 6th of August 2010.